Monday, August 4, 2014

An Additional Note for WINE underrun audio issue

A month or two ago I saw a comment that mentioned "PulseAudio underruns occurs in the newer versions, not in the old ones"

I was unsure about this myself--being a Debian sid user also came into play because I would have to do my own compilation, which I never did and I was always using the new shiny PulseAudio they provided. You could say that I didn't really look into it, also compiling PulseAudio was a pain from their repos (mostly because I had the brightest idea of compiling the git master).

Anyways, I'm here to confirm that it's true. For some reason the older versions just work. I'm using PulseAudio 2.0 and while I have run into underruns myself, it recovers pretty fast (3-4 seconds). I've played Guild Wars 2 without audio problems, usually underrun issues happens really fast.

So yea, try downgrading PulseAudio to version 3 or 2. I can't guarantee it will work but it's an option.

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