Monday, October 13, 2014

My Final Notes: A Farewell to this blog

Thinking back, it usually don't take me long to criticize something. Sometimes I wish there was a better community, however, the frustration of not being able to get "that great community" ends up on me writing rants.

It shows me how close I am to a subject. Does it affects me in real life? Not really. That's beyond the point though, what I want to talk today is something simple: The ability to control emotions, and the ability to be able to communicate clearly. This goes both ways, not just writing concisely, but being able to read and understand.

In a way, technical people lack that ability. They just read one line and they already an essay on how wrong his argument is; you get the idea.

I'm not going to remove any of my posts because it reflects part of my frustration, and because there's no need to close it. However I would like to bring another subject:

The defunct project: Jester 

Jester is a WINE Manager Wrapper, it was made to be used in CLI. I had a lot of ideas and I was understand of implementing each of the features I wanted. Everything was going as expected and there wasn't anything stopping me from completing it with the exception of the end-user.

I love developing. I love being creative and resolve that puzzle that's been stopping me. For the end-user however, they don't have that ability to program or understand technical things--hence I'm not trying to belittle them--however, Jester fits one audience only, that who is technical enough to use jester. In essence I thought Jester was going to be awesome.

It ended up me not wanting to do it. I wanted to develop something that end-users consider useful. Not having a GUI was one of the things stopping me.

What's the problem? I can just develop a GUI for it, right? Yes, but I decided to focus on important things. And one of the side effects of doing that is that I'll be using GNU/Linux less.

Anyway, I'll be starting another blog. This time I want to tackle subjects with a different mindset and perspective. I don't expect anyone to follow either, you are just one people in an ocean of opinions.

I'll be uploading part of Jester to Github eventually. I need to clean up the source code before that.