Monday, October 13, 2014

My Final Notes: A Farewell to this blog

Thinking back, it usually don't take me long to criticize something. Sometimes I wish there was a better community, however, the frustration of not being able to get "that great community" ends up on me writing rants.

It shows me how close I am to a subject. Does it affects me in real life? Not really. That's beyond the point though, what I want to talk today is something simple: The ability to control emotions, and the ability to be able to communicate clearly. This goes both ways, not just writing concisely, but being able to read and understand.

In a way, technical people lack that ability. They just read one line and they already an essay on how wrong his argument is; you get the idea.

I'm not going to remove any of my posts because it reflects part of my frustration, and because there's no need to close it. However I would like to bring another subject:

The defunct project: Jester 

Jester is a WINE Manager Wrapper, it was made to be used in CLI. I had a lot of ideas and I was understand of implementing each of the features I wanted. Everything was going as expected and there wasn't anything stopping me from completing it with the exception of the end-user.

I love developing. I love being creative and resolve that puzzle that's been stopping me. For the end-user however, they don't have that ability to program or understand technical things--hence I'm not trying to belittle them--however, Jester fits one audience only, that who is technical enough to use jester. In essence I thought Jester was going to be awesome.

It ended up me not wanting to do it. I wanted to develop something that end-users consider useful. Not having a GUI was one of the things stopping me.

What's the problem? I can just develop a GUI for it, right? Yes, but I decided to focus on important things. And one of the side effects of doing that is that I'll be using GNU/Linux less.

Anyway, I'll be starting another blog. This time I want to tackle subjects with a different mindset and perspective. I don't expect anyone to follow either, you are just one people in an ocean of opinions.

I'll be uploading part of Jester to Github eventually. I need to clean up the source code before that.

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  1. Thanks for taking time to work in Linux and program in Linux. Some day I hope there is even more focus on making Linux easy-to-use for the standard public.
    I'm always thankful for people like you who take the time to be creative and think of new ways to make Operating Systems better. Keep programming and have fun doing it!