Monday, September 15, 2014

A Week with Vim

It's been a week now  since I've started using Vim.
I don't plan to make weekly posts about it, but I do plan on sitting down and finally create a Vim resources post. I've been a bit busy trying to get the final nuisances with Vim solved.

One of the things to keep in mind is that if you see a video of someone doing cool things in Vim, chances are that you won't be doing them as fluidly as you'd like to. That's the truth behind learning Vim. It's something you need to continue learning along with the programming languages of your choosing.

I wrote this blog post using Vim. Not because it was a cool thing to do. I believe that if you want to learn a tool, you need to expose yourself to it as much as possible. It's hard to understand Vim if you just pretend that all the amazing features lies within the plugins. When in reality it's the text editing that shines. Plugins are amazing by the way, I actually want to contribute something more polishing for Django, and I say this without any compromise.

It's funny, I never thought I would see myself using Vim, or Emacs. I was resistant to these stuff in the sense that I avoided it. I was a fool, I played the role of the devil's advocate without fully knowing what both tools provided, just because I was tired of hearing all the hype.

Yet, things are now working as they should. I can't wait to continue working on my projects as I've one specifically wanting to finish.

Honest take from me. Give Vim a try and you'll come to love it. It takes a while before you are really productive, maybe you don't see the point but not using the mouse is actually really nice, all you need is the keyboard.

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