Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm still "wasting time": Setting up a shared MPD, PlayOnLinux brainstorming, WINE + NFS

I'm actually supposed to be learning C++ and golang (Go Language) to kill time, a long with a language I'm currently learning (not a programming language). I'm not really burned out, but I do feel a bit .... losing motivation maybe? Still, I feel confident about learning it. Priority for me is learning the language, and then the programming languages.

I finished my shared MPD setup through NFS. I exported my NTFS hard drive connected in my main desktop and the mpd config directory. I kind of needed to tidy things up. I have this habit of leaving a mess of directories and files, which at the end it gets hard to be organized.

I like it, it's still scanning through the music folder, but so far so good.

PlayOnLinux, while I was devising a way to isolate applications from the... tight grips of PlayOnLinux installers. I ended up thinking that the only good thing PoL provides are their patched WINE packages such as Guild Wars 2. Now, this might sound really harsh; I'm not trying to throw dirt at PoL. I think they have done an amazing job, but it makes you ponder that they could have done better user interface decisions... but seeing that half of the project is a set of bash scripts and the other half is a set of python scripts... it does bring a lot of questions, at least for me, behind their decision.

Anyway, that's just me. Don't take it to heart. I've done some brainstorming but I don't think it fits PoL's way. In the end, as all WINE wrappers I don't know what WINE really needs. I do know what the users need, but to help the project? not sure where to start.

WINE + NFS, one of my ideas which I'm sure it's possible is to set-up PlayOnLinux as a system-wide tool. However, PoL was made for per-user usage, how can I "fool it"? I do have a few ideas but... not sure if it's worth it. Let me know in the comment section if you are interested.

From now on, these type of posts where you see me babbling will be tagged as laundry posts. Check them out, it's just me talking whatever crap comes to my mind.

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