Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Manjaro 0.8.8, Network Sharing, MPD deception

Something to talk about tonight is my struggle with Manjaro. I tried to install Manjaro OpenBox, or ManjaroBox. This is a typical scenario of not getting a working wireless. I know the setup automatically detected the right drivers, but for some reason the crappy network manager it had installed didn't detect any connections.

So, I proceeded to install wicd; after installing it I got all sorts of weird errors. My patience was running a bit thin, mostly because I wanted an stable system, which is Manjaro's main goal but I couldn't get any of that. I've used Arch Linux in the past and know how hectic it can get with their updates, sometimes it could break your whole system.

A curious note before I continue. In Manjaro's site I  don't know why they bothered to put KDE's memory usage. To be honest, a lot of people are using "modern" linux desktop/laptops to be worrying about the RAM you use. I have 8GB RAM in my main desktop Linux Mint/KDE and I hardly use 3-4GB, needless to say, unless you are running a really old laptop with 512MB RAM which I really doubt, there's no need to get all panicky with the memory usage. Unless you notice a memory leak.

In the end, what I decided to do was temporarily install Linux Mint. The wi-fi connection worked perfectly and all was well in my little world.

One note about Manjaro, their advanced setup where you want to create the partitions was broken :( (related to the GUI install) so even if you created the partitions you wanted, it wouldn't continue the installation.

Now, let's talk about file sharing across linux machines. I personally never tried it, you don't know how EASY it is sharing files using NFS. I did a few mount --bind setups in my fstab to lay out the stuff I wanted to share across.

So I mounted the network folder I shared via NFS in my laptop and everything worked.

While I was configured this laptop, which I'm going to format again very soon. I tried to share the music from my main MPD set up to this laptop. Sadly, I deceived myself in a way. I thought with MPD I could serve music, but that's not the case. I do wish they added that capability in the future, imho, it would be perfect. Then again, I have researched very little on media setups. My main desktop is always turned on so... maybe I'll dig a bit.

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